Introducing Our Best Buy Gift Card Program

How would you like to trade in your old/broken computers or electronics for a best buy gift card to buy the latest & greatest electronics!

Here's how our program works.

  1. For each product you donate we will give you an allotted amount of points. Different items yield different points (see list below).
  2. After you've donated all your items we will tally up the points and you will receive a gift card from Best Buy.

Here's an example:

Let's say you have an old computer and monitor, a couple old cell phones that are broken and an old printer. Let's see how many points that is

Computer = 30 points
Monitor = 3 points
Cell phones = 10 points
Printer = 5 points
Total = 48 points

This translates into a Best Buy gift card for $4.80

Not bad for some broken and unused items and we drive to your home and pick them up!

Compare this to if you took all these items to your local scrap yard.

$.10 a pound for each item would yield about $3.25 minus the $15.00 dumping fee for the monitor would leave you with paying -$11.75 (not counting your gas and time).